Post-It Activity (All Ages)

Put yourself in the shoes of a young person facing homelessness before they arrive at Covenant House.

Materials: each participant should have three Post-It notes or pieces of paper per participant and something to write with. You can download and print the instructions or follow along with this video

24/7 Gratitude Activity (All Ages)

How different does your day look when you don't have to worry about where you will sleep at night? This activity helps you identify everyday luxuries you may take for granted. Watching a video of a youth story is a good way to set the stage for this activity. We recommend this one: Zoila's Story

Materials: each participant should have a piece of paper and something to write with.

Stats and Crafts (All Ages)

Create a meaningful art project using statistics on homelessness. 

Materials: be creative! Use whatever arts and crafts supplies you have on hand.

Your Bed is Not an Option (All Ages)

Hold yourself accountable to an uncomfortable night's sleep with this activity. No materials are required.

Reading Room (Ages 13+)

Read stories and articles about youth overcoming homelessness as well as the work that Covenant House is doing to end youth homelessness.

Materials: internet connection.


For Adults

For Families and Kids

Morning Reflection

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