Step 1: Officially join the Sleep Out America community by registering for your Sleep Out. You can hold your Sleep Out on any date you choose. Register by yourself, or get your friends, family, and co-workers involved and register as part of a team. The more people you have on your team, the more money you can raise for youth in need. 

Step 2: When you register, you will set a fundraising goal and kick things off with a $25 required self-donation that will be added to your page. After that, it's up to you to reach (and surpass!) your goal. Never fundraised before? Don't worry. Once you register, you will have full access to fundraising tools, personalized coaching, and your very own fundraising page to help you along. 

Plus, fundraising rewards can be earned along the way to celebrate your progress! 

Step 3: Finally, the "Sleep Out" part of Sleep Out America! Find a safe and legal place where you can Sleep Out on a night of your choosing. It can be anywhere! Your backyard or your kitchen floor are great options. 

We will provide activity ideas and exclusive videos to help make your Sleep Out America experience meaningful, but you're in charge. Make it your own, and make it memorable. Bring snacks, play music, or build a campfire. There's no reason helping people can't be fun!

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