Katie from NY:

"The Sleep Out has always been a humbling experience that makes me recognize the bigger picture of our community and a reminder that you can never understand someone's circumstances enough to pass judgement. Doing the Sleep Out virtually during the COVID-19 crisis gave me a tiny glimpse into the level of fear these youth are experiencing. I have faith that I will be okay in all of this, I will bounce back, but a setback for so many of these young people means relapse, homelessness, abuse, and more trauma. They can’t afford it, which is why supporting and sharing unconditional love with them is absolutely crucial, now more than ever."

Leah from NJ:

"I decided to do Sleep Out America for my Bat Mitzvah project. I thought it would be cool to do something to help other kids my age who ​aren't as lucky as I am. I asked a few friends to join me, and we learned a lot by reading stories from kids who had been homeless and watching the videos on the Sleep Out America website. Sleep Out America taught us about how and why kids end up homeless and without a bed to sleep in. The night we slept out was actually really fun. It was cold, but we bundled up in our sleeping bags and had a really great time."

Michelle from PA:

"We were proud to Sleep Out. We may have been uncomfortable at times, but recognizing that homeless youth don't have a choice where they sleep and what weather they sleep in gave the night an entirely different perspective. My heart is full."

Rachel from NY:

"We Sleep Out because every young person deserves access to food, shelter, safety, and the opportunity to create a brighter future. Covenant House provides youth with absolute respect and unconditional love, reminding kids that they are enough and no dream is too big."


Amanda from DE:

"I slept out with my daughter and her Girl Scout troop. We were clear to the girls that we weren't pretending to be homeless, and we talked a lot about what Covenant House does for homeless youth. But we also wanted them to learn that it feels good to give back, so we made it a fun experience by wearing fun pajamas and playing games. The girls got a lot out of it, and so did I." 

James from MA:

"Our group slept out on our back porch. We fundraised together with a bake sale, and I got other donations from family and friends by using the website. We raised over $3,000! I didn't expect it to be so fun, and I'm really happy we did it."

Joe from MI:

"My wife and I joined Sleep Out America last year. There was snow on the ground, but we huddled up and slept out as long as we could. The experience really made us feel grateful that we have a warm, safe place to sleep every night. Many people don't, and we were so happy we had the chance to do something that will help make their lives better."

Eric from CA:

"I signed up to Sleep Out by myself. It was something meaningful for me to do around the holiday time for those less fortunate than me. Even though I was alone that night, the Sleep Out America community made me feel a part of something bigger. I was able to read stories, and see videos of other people sleeping out, and I felt a part of a larger movement of people who were all showing support for youth without homes."


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